One Race

From the moment we are born, a stamp is put on our heads. Mine says German; I can read it on a variety of documents and I am not afraid to openly admit to that. Yours may state a different nationality, a different stamp that states the name of the place you come from. But what does that really mean?

Germany has a history of racism (and anti-Semitism) that is well documented all around the world. World War II has left a mark on the German identity for a long time and it will never be forgotten what happened in the Third Reich. And it should not be forgotten. Germany moved on from the damage relatively quickly and learned the lessons that needed to be learned. Today, I can be a proud German even though I do not like to identify myself with a nationality.

The sad reality is that many nations, races or religions still carry bad connotations on their backs. It is a sad reality that I do not accept and I will never will. Often it is the governments or bad examples that give the people a horrible reputation that is does not reflect the true identity. But is there an identity that can be accredited to a certain nation or race?

If there is such an identity, what can we include when we are talking about it? For instance, we could talk about the country’s culture. Cultural aspects are always very exciting to explore, in my opinion, especially when it comes to food, traditions, or art. Let’s look at a country like Iran for example. Iranians have wonderful things like Persian carpets, a delicious cuisine, and they value their families. The media often gives us a wrong image of not just Iran, but many countries. They usually do not show us the wonderful landscapes or happy people. Sadly, radical and extreme images dominate.


Tehran’s stunning skyline

Evil things happen everywhere in the world whether it is in a wealthy and developed country, or in the village of an African tribe. However, we cannot take those bad examples and attach them to specific nationalities or races. If we do that, we destroy something very important, namely the fact that, in the end, we are all the same.

Do not mistake vile and malicious governments with the countries citizens. Throughout history there have been examples of extreme leaders that manipulated their people or simply did not care about what they had to say or what their feelings were.

We are a single race that just happens to have different attitudes, beliefs, appearances and values. I believe that we simply need to be more tolerant and look beyond media coverage, do our own research. Media outlets are mostly looking for profit or ratings and like to sensationalize stories. We do not need coverage like that. We have a heart and a healthy mind that can look beyond lies and falsified views.

Explore the differences and embrace our race.

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